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A warm welcome to you!
It's great that you have found your way to me. In difficult times, it is a great help to talk to someone and find the right and active support. That's exactly what I'm here for.

I will guide you quickly and safely through your crisis or challenge and stand by your side in
your mission or your comeback.
Together we can resolve your worries and unleash your strengths, restore your courage and masculinity, protect your values, build your self-confidence, give you strength and provide you with valuable contacts to other couples.

provide you with valuable contacts to other couples.


Switch on the sound

You are not alone. Come and join us


Experience the true colour and beauty of your relationship, new strengths and new freedom.
Come with me into the new world for free human souls.

Free yourself from old programming of the modern slavery.
Find out more in a personal conversation with me.

Awaken your belief and confidence in your pure partnership

You will experience the space to finally be yourself.


Say it and be understood.
Without prejudice.
Without pressure.

Letting go emotionally is the first solution:

By expressing your feelings without being judged for them,
you free yourself from negative emotions and reduce inner tensions.
The wounds heal themselves and you gain strength and willpower.


Mastering challenges, strengthening confidence, celebrating victories.

We support you in challenging times, be it in professional, personal or interpersonal matters.


Trust in your abilities again.


Strengthen your mental and emotional resilience with us, as well as your ability to overcome obstacles and learn from setbacks,


overcome obstacles and learn from setbacks.


Recognize your successes and achievements.

I will personally help you to build and maintain your belief, motivation, self-confidence and a positive relationship mindset.


To find and live freedom, recognition and fulfillment.

Define and find your true freedom in relationships and integrate it more and more into everyday life. Free yourself from social constraints, from your past and negative thought and behavior patterns.

Find and experience fulfillment, love and joy of life like never before.

alte Dokumente

Ready for more?
Then get in touch with me and we can talk right away.

Trust your inner feeling, no more lies in your life.

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Tell me your love story.

Your life story is unique and valuable. I know that life as a couple has its ups and downs.

Every relationship is unique.
And so is yours!

Your story has the power to touch other people and give them courage. Every struggle you have overcome can give hope to others. I create a space where you can safely and securely share your experiences with me.

Our community is characterized by confidentiality and respect.

After your transformation, if you are ready to help other men through your life story, let's build a strong and supportive community together. Your words could change another couple's life.

Our growing team is your new nest

Our exceptional team of talented souls specialize in inspiring other human beings to heal and free themselves from societal shackles and prejudices.

With impressive intelligence and exceptional skills,
we provide an ideal and comprehensive foundation for your transformation.
We create a safe environment for you, listen to you and help you to achieve your physical and mental vitality and unleash your full potential in your everyday life.
Our mission extends beyond individual transformation - we encourage the building of a strong community where men support each other.

Be part of our extraordinary group and experience a profound change in your life. What are you waiting for?

Our team and network includes world-class men and women, therapists, wealth advisors, lawyers, tax advisors, IT consultants, system administrators, relationship coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists, musicians, photographers, bartenders and restaurant owners and much more. This network is not public for one simple reason....

Give me your hand

and I will accompany you from the society of lies into the world where truth and authenticity are very valuable.

Dear couples,

we haven't met yet, but I'm sure you'll manage this last step and we'll get to know each other.

I am Sonja and for nine years I have been accompanying over 500 families in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France on their way to regaining their strength and independence from emotional coercion and imposed social norms.

During this time, I have accompanied both women and men in various phases of their lives, be it before birth, during break-ups or afterwards and before marriages as in the middle of the "storm".

It is important to me that you as a person with all your individual needs are at the center of my attention. You can break free from social norms and simply be yourself with me.

I want to encourage you to find yourself again and to shape your precious life and your love according to your own taste. I am at your side with my experience, my network of talented men and women as individual support to help you walk your personal path of growth together and pass on the valuable knowledge you have to others.

I look forward to getting to know you personally and seeing how you become vital, strong and happy again and live out your mission on this earth.

With best regards,
Your Sonja

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